Before selling your home remember...

You can do it on your own, however, having a company specialized in real estate management will ensure you get the best offer, in less time. We put at your disposal a sales team as well as all the channels and platforms that we currently have established for the promotion of your property.

We recommend the following guidelines to streamline the process and find the ideal client for your property:

  • Have documentation up to date. It is important to have all the property documents up to date to be able to channel the sale, since if we find a buyer and do not have the necessary property documents, it can delay or even lose the sale.
  • Allow us to do a professional photo session, which must be done during daylight hours, preferably with good lighting. Order and organization cannot be missing, as it will help to give a positive, balanced and broader image.
  • Be a little flexible with visiting hours. If you are living in the property to be sold, understand that many of the potential clients are generally available after work or on the weekend. We also recommend that you always have the place well ventilated, clean and with a pleasant smell, as all this helps to show the best of your property.
  • Finally, let an expert advisor conduct the negotiation. While it is true that no one knows your property like you, we have tools that facilitate communication and intermediation between the parties, making the process flow effectively.